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About us

We are a village church close to the centre of our community, with a heart to be... 

Open to God - Open to the Community

Our Church Meeting decided upon this as our mission statement in 2006. We try to ensure openness in all that we do. Wealth, health, age, race, location, nor anything else should be a barrier to anyone. Our openness applies to all as we seek to follow and worship God and reach out into our community.

Our Team

Joey Redhead is our Minister in Training. Alongside serving us here at ABC he is also doing a full time degree with Luther King College. He is typically away for studies Monday to Wednesday and in Alvechurch the rest of the week, where he can be found getting involved with community work, church events, or most weeks leading the Church service. Joey is joined in leadership by a team of deacons and area co-ordinators, who along with a whole host of other volunteers make everything that we do at ABC possible.

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